Join WeSolveThem

Earn money as an online tutor tutoring via screen sharing apps and or by writing personalized written and video lessons for students that need help for only a few problems.

If you would like to feature your profile--we have two options available:

Option 1

One-time-fee of $99.00 for 1-year exposure. You will be contacted after 1-year for renewal options. Prices may be subject to change upon renewal.

Option 2

For each subject you tutor, you can make 25 lessons for our website. e.g. If you wish to be listed for tutoring differential calculus (calc I), you will need to make 25 original video lessons based on problems we give you. These lessons must be made in the format we require and pass our checklist for clarity, precision and copyright fraud. You will be required to make a new set of videos each year or be given the option to pay per option 1 if you wish to no longer make lessons.

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