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We offer on demand solutions with a turnaround of less than 48-hours (usually 6-12hrs) or your money back!

Average Pricing (Price may increase based on the question.)

Calculus Problems:

  • 1-problem for $15
  • 2-problems for $25
  • 3-problems for $30

Linear Algebra:

  • 1-problem for $20
  • 2-problems for $30
  • 3-problems for $40

Differential Equations:

  • 1-problem for $20
  • 2-problems for $30
  • 3-problems for $40


  • 1-problem for $25
  • 2-problems for $40
  • 3-problems for $50

Disclaimer: We do not solve homework assignments, quizzes, or exams for students nor do we solve problems in bulk. Our intent is to provide detailed solutions as lessons for students that wish to further their understanding and problem solving skills. We are currently only solving problems from undergraduate courses.

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Pricing questions: We require payment prior to beginning the writing process. If we do not complete your solutions within 48-hours, we will refund your money or give you the option to accept a longer wait time. In general, we will not offer to write lessons if we are overbooked so if you do not see a request box, please come back later once we have caught up. We guarantee an accurate, detailed and unique solution that is sure to point things out that are easily misunderstood and also demonstrates proper problem solving techniques for maximizing points on exams. It takes, on average, 30-minutes to an hour (per problem) to create a lesson so please respect the process. If there is an issue with a result, we will address it immediately.